Telcom Insight (TI) specializes in reducing voice and data expenses for businesses of every size. Since 1991, we’ve helped thousands of companies slash an average of 20-30% from their monthly phone bills. We’re analysts, we’re advisors, and we’re also advocates, going the extra mile to ensure that customers have the right services for their needs and that those services are delivered on schedule, stress-free. Let’s Talk: No fees, no risk, no pressure. We can help.


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Pay Less for Voice & Internet

Insider Secret

Competition lowers costs. In fact, every U.S. phone company discounts up to 50% when faced with competitive bids.

We've Saved Millions

TI principals have located tens of millions of dollars in annual cost reductions for our clients by making carriers compete. Many carriers’ business accounts teams overlook discounts that TI routinely claims for our clients. TI also helps find unused services that clients may no longer need -- another big factor in savings.

Independent & Objective

TI is an independent consultant, meaning we give you the most objective review to ensure the most competitive quotes from all the players: AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Telepacific, XO, Paetec, and many more.

"TI analyzed our spending and designed a solution that saved our bank over 20% and improved our data speeds." - David Garrison, IT Manager, Pacific Resources FCU, Los Angeles

Move Your Office Seamlessly

Get Up & Running Faster

Telcom Insight ensures a dial tone on day one in your new location, taking all the voice and data services tasks off your to-do list. We oversee stress-free, under-budget, on-schedule installations every day.

Customized Plan

Your business needs are different than others’. We’ll craft a plan that outlines services, upgrades, or changes before, during, and after the move.

No Charge To You

TI services are free to you. We’re paid by the carrier you select.

"Moving can be an overwhelming process, but TI made sure we were up and running on voice and data on the move date—while still maintaining our phone numbers and reducing our expenses." - Joe Rust, Partner, Accounting firm of  Prager & Fenton, Los Angeles

Partner to Build Your Annuity

A Win-Win Partnership

Do you come in daily contact with companies that pay too much for voice and data costs, struggle with relocation, or need to upgrade their phone services? We can help, and you can profit.

Earn Income, Add Value &
Improve Relationships

TI makes your customers happier with their relocations and their ongoing phone services. When times are tough, the professionals who add value stand out in the crowd, attract more business, and close more deals. Becoming a TI Referral Partner adds significant value to your service offerings while setting you up to earn ongoing annuities and repeat business.

Join Hundreds of Professionals

We work with stellar professionals in several industries, and we’re looking to build even more relationships with office & industrial real estate brokers, IT & phone hardware contractors, non-profit organizations, CPAs & business consultants.

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