Referral Program - Set Up a Partnership with a Substantial Annuity


Set Up a Substantial Ongoing Annuity by Becoming a Referring Partner

To succeed in the current economy, professionals need to provide additional value to their clients in order to set themselves apart and become more competitive. That’s why so many of our referring partners are from the leading firms in their industries. They’ve joined Telcom Insight because they reap multiple benefits. You can join them and:

  • Build Ongoing Monthly Income: You’ll save your clients money each month while earning ongoing monthly income for yourself based on the resulting reduced billing.
  • Increase Client Satisfaction: You’re genuinely looking out for your clients’ best interests by introducing them to TI, and the results prove that every time. Saving them money and/or setting them up with an advocate for a stress-free relocation process results in a highly satisfied customer and more repeat business and referrals for you.
  • Earn Money for Your Nonprofit: Bring your nonprofit organization an ongoing annuity when you partner with Telcom Insight. Your donor companies will reduce costs and “donate” to your cause each month in a completely painless way. Click here for a program description, or click here to receive a no-obligation analysis of potential income for your organization.

Organizations That Profit the Most as Referring Partners

Commercial Real-Estate Brokers

Your tenants order voice and data services with every lease. At local phone-company “rack rates,” they spend an average of 50 cents per square foot of office space monthly for voice and internet services. Telcom Insight seeks out promotions to lower that number to under 40 cents per square foot and sets you up with an ongoing monthly income on each deal. Just renegotiating a lease? Often this coincides with the end of a telecom contract, making it the perfect time for you to add value to your business relationships by inviting TI to come in and lower expenses. Call us or click here to learn more and sign up.

Building Owners / REITs
You’ll have the buildings with the most to offer when you designate TI as your official “Telecom Concierge,” a truly value-added service. We’ll get your inbound tenants in on time and under budget while you earn a residual monthly income on all of the telecom “spend” in your buildings. Click here to download a whitepaper on adding 12 to 20 cents annually per square foot in shared telecom revenue to your portfolio’s bottom line, or click here to request a follow up call.

Network and IT Companies
If phone-company blunders have given you a black eye in the past, we’ve got good news. TI has 18 years of experience helping clients like yours get the voice and data services they need, so we know the pitfalls and the opportunities. We’ll help your clients save money while serving as the project manager, advisor and advocate for your clients and their needs—all while you develop a monthly residual check. Call us or click here to get more information.

It’s simple: Your corporate donors are spending too much for their voice and data services. Introducing a TI consultant can save them money and generate 1 to 3% of their ongoing billing each month for your organization. Click here for a program description, or click here to learn more.



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Our Referring Partners Include Professionals from Companies Such as:

  • Voit Commercial Brokerage
  • Beitler Commercial Realty Services
  • Lee & Associates
  • The Computer Factory – IT Services
  • PC Solutions
  • Instant Telecom
  • Horizon Computer Systems

Our Referring Partners Report

"Telcom Insight knows telecom and internet options, plain and simple. My clientele love the specialized help."
- Jack Faris, Voit Commercial Brokerage,
  Orange, CA

"I recommend to each and every client that they let Telcom Insight handle their telecom planning and ordering. You can look forward to my continuing support."
- Joshua Gershon, Beitler Commercial
  Realty Services, Sherman Oaks, CA

"TI staff follow up and take the headache out of dealing with the phone company. My clients often call to thank me for introducing TI."
- Barry Walshe, Voit Commercial
  Brokerage, Orange, CA