Streamlining the Relocation Process

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Our Customers Report

"Telcom Insight analyzed current billing for our five offices and found a way for one office to reduce expenses by 43%. In addition, they discovered a carrier promotion that contributed $1500 towards a phone-system upgrade."
- Maria DiSante; Partner; Carlton
  DiSante, Freudenberger, LLP; Irvine, CA

"After our phone vendor suggested we have Telcom Insight review our billing and strategize ways to reduce costs, we saved enough to amortize the purchase of an entire new phone system."
- Lori Deaver; Operations Manager
  Henry Avocado, San Diego, CA

"Our firm needed more internet bandwidth, so we compared AT&T quotes from both the direct representative and from Telcom Insight. TI set up a 40% discount that will save us more than $18,000 over three years."
- Linda Ford; Administrator; Fulwider
  Patton, LLP; Los Angeles, CA

"Telcom Insight recently swapped out services from the local phone company for a reliable competitor, saving us 25%. In difficult economic times, every dollar is hugely important, so TI ushered in a major win for us."
- Richard Thomas, President
  Milestone Mortgage
  Manhattan Beach, CA


You’ve negotiated your lease, you’ve packed, you’ve moved and on the first day in the new office, business grinds to a halt. Why? The voice and data services aren’t up and running. Nothing ruins an otherwise successful move faster than having telecom services offline at 8:00 a.m. on the day after the moving trucks roll away.

Telcom Insight has a proven record of ensuring voice and data are up and running on Day One. Here’s how we work with you to take the telecom tasks off your to-do list.

Conference Call

We kick-start our project leadership with an initial conference call to establish a game plan outlining the tasks we’ll coordinate for you. We use what we learn in this meeting to determine your:

  • Time Frames
  • Installation Dates
  • Voice Hardware Vendor
  • Data and Cabling Vendor
  • Services Options: Lines, T1 Services, Internet T1 Services, AT&T Ethernet maintaining your phone numbers, costs to move and monthly going forward, available carrier promotions, etc.

Realistic Timeframes

It’s very important to remember that most phone companies need 45 days to install any T1 Internet services. If we don’t have that much time, we can install temporary services to get you through the move and then complete the transition afterwards.

Status Updates

During the process, you will receive regular email updates from our staff keeping you abreast of service installation dates and alerting you to any decisions that need to be made. Remember, we will handle this all at absolutely no charge to you, as we are ultimately paid by the carriers you select.

Last-Minute Issues

We’ll be right there to help you with the inevitable last-minute issues, including:

  • Helping you cancel your lines or services left behind at the old location, as the phone companies sometimes continue to charge for them.
  • Ensuring that your initial billing is accurate. When your initial billing arrives, just fax or scan it for us and your TI rep will make sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed.

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