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Implement Big Savings on the Telecom Services You Need

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses of every size in every industry to help them get all the services they need while locking in significant savings.

Typical Telcom Insight Customers and Their Savings

Here are several examples of our clients and the benefits we have been able to provide to them.

Jump for Fun
The company’s national call center supports its growing distribution of inflatable jumping units for children’s parties. Telcom Insight helped them meet the demands brought about by their rapid growth with three T1 lines and saved them 25% every month on their phone bill. Read More...
Henry Avocado
Looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs, Henry Avocado asked TI to completely evaluate their needs. The result was a 33% reduction in telecom spending, a savings of over $26,000. In addition, TI was able to consolidate their billing so that they now receive a single bill instead of five separate ones. Read More...
Nelson Davis Wetzstein LLP
Nelson Davis asked TI to manage the entire telecommunications relocation process when they moved to a new facility. In addition to completing the move on schedule, TI found that they could save Nelson Davis 41% off their telecommunications bill. Read More...
Prager & Fenton
The Los Angeles office of Prager & Fenton was relocating from Santa Monica to El Segundo when AT&T informed them that they would be required to change phone numbers. TI intervened, making it possible for Prager & Fenton to keep their existing local numbers, managing their vendors during the move, and providing a dramatic increase in internet speed. Read More...
Mortgage / Real
Milestone Mortgage
Milestone called in TI to review billing and help them find a more customer-friendly carrier. TI did a complete analysis of their situation and enabled them to reduce spending by 25%, a savings of $11,000. In addition, they were able to switch to a carrier that really wanted their business and would provide the customer service they were seeking. Read More...
Pacific Resource Credit Union
As a non-profit bank, Pacific wanted to cut costs, gain better access from their carrier, and streamline their ordering process. TI was able to cut costs by 27%, a savings of almost $29,000. Nine different bills were consolidated into a single one which also saved extensive review time in the Accounts Payable department.



Our Customers Report

"Telcom Insight recently swapped out services from the local phone company for a reliable competitor, saving us 25%. In difficult economic times, every dollar is hugely important, so TI ushered in a major win for us."
- Richard Thomas, President
  Milestone Mortgage
  Manhattan Beach, CA

"Our firm needed more internet bandwidth, so we compared AT&T quotes from both the direct representative and from Telcom Insight. TI set up a 40% discount that will save us more than $18,000 over three years."
- Linda Ford; Administrator; Fulwider
  Patton, LLP; Los Angeles, CA

"After our phone vendor suggested we have Telcom Insight review our billing and strategize ways to reduce costs, we saved enough to amortize the purchase of an entire new phone system."
- Lori Deaver; Operations Manager
  Henry Avocado, San Diego, CA

"Telcom Insight analyzed current billing for our five offices and found a way for one office to reduce expenses by 43%. In addition, they discovered a carrier promotion that contributed $1500 towards a phone-system upgrade."
- Maria DiSante; Partner; Carlton
  DiSante, Freudenberger, LLP; Irvine, CA