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Lower Telecom Expenses are Well Within Reach with Telcom Insight

You can save thousands of dollars on your voice and data bills each year, but getting these discounts requires detailed analysis by us as well as motivating the telecom companies to compete with each other on price. That’s where Telcom Insight comes in. Here’s how we work:

  • Conference Call: You help us understand your current services, future needs, past problems and successes, and business plans. We discuss strategies for streamlining operations and adding connectivity as needed to fit those needs and plans.
  • Sample Invoice: We ask your Accounts Payable department to send us just the first five pages of any carrier-related billing you receive, which shows us exactly what your commitments are and what you’re paying for every month.
  • Before and After: A few days later we’ll provide you with a simple “before and after” spending comparison spreadsheet (example), which generally outlines two or more options. For example, would you prefer to stay with your current carrier and save 12%, or are you open to changing carriers and doubling the savings? It’s your call.
  • Competitive Quotes: Using the options you choose, we develop competitive quotes on your behalf and submit them to the desired carrier for the lowest pricing options, then forward the resulting contracts to you for review. We work with all the major carriers, including AT&T, Telepacific, Covad, and many others.
  • Coordination of Installation: Telcom Insight keeps your IT and voice vendors up to date with milestone emails throughout the typically 20- to 45-day installation process. You can keep your mind on business and on your move while your TI project manager coordinates all the pertinent details with vendors, including:
    • Due dates
    • Phone numbers
    • Binding post numbers
    • Circuit IDs
    • Router configuration
    • IP addresses
  • Ongoing Oversight: After a successful installation, send us the summary pages of any future billing so that we can ensure that all future billings are correct and accurate, and that former carriers are no longer billing.

We’ll put our years of experience at designing precise solutions to work for you. The results? You’ll pay less, get exactly the services you need, streamline the management of your voice and data services, and even consolidate those multiple service invoices.

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Let Us Assist You With These Products & Services

With Telcom Insight, it’s all about options—options that come at lower prices than you’ve been able to claim before.

Internet/Data Products
Carriers: You can choose to have TI negotiate on your behalf with AT&T, ACC Business, Qwest… Full list

Service Types: We help you get the internet consulting services you need, including T1 internet providers, Bonded T1, DS3, ATT T1 & Fast Ethernet… Full list

Voice/Integrated Products
Service Types:

  • Local Voice: T1 PR1, T1 PR1 integrated with Internet, T1 Supertrunk… Full list
  • Dedicated Long Distance: T1 / T3 / Ethernet with very low long-distance and toll-free rates.
  • Conference Calling
  • Virtual Office